To be the service provider of choice in offering comprehensive biomedical equipment maintenance, technology management and consulting services to all healthcare service providers in India and other emerging markets.

Comprehensive Biomedical Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance management solutions for Healthcare Service providers – Secondary, Tertiary care and speciality Hospitals.

  • Biomedical asset Mapping and categorization
  • Proactive management of Biomedical equipment assets for optimum asset utilization.
  • Proactive maintenance management including Planned Preventive as well as break down maintenance
  • Asset usage and functionality optimization for availability of functional assets at the “point of care”
  • Optimal Vendor management for assets under warranty maintained by vendors/manufacturers.
  • Tracking and documentation of Asset maintenance and performance in line compliance with NABH certification requirements.
  • Inventory control and processes for management of spares, accessories, add-on modules and equipment related consumables to ensure full functionality at the “Point of Care”
  • Vendor management and facilitation for delivery of warranty related services
  • Down time tracking to ensure maximum ROI on medical equipment assets
  • Optimization of spend on maintenance of medical equipment in the facility.

Biomedical Education & Training Programs

User education and training programs on Biomedical equipment

  • Structured user training program on Biomedical equipment to mitigate down time due to user related issues.
  • User training programs to ensure use of asset as per procedures specified by manufacturer or the facility SOPs.
  • Training to care-givers on user level maintenance of Assets to ensure optimal functionality and life cycle of the asset.

Technology Management & Consulting

Technology management and consulting for green field as well as brown field projects.

  • Formulation and implementation of processes to ensure optimal life cycle and technology management of medical equipment assets in the facility.
  • Evaluation and recommendation for remedial actions to address infrastructure issues that may impact medical equipment
  • Software for biomedical equipment maintenance management
  • Technology consulting services for new asset procurement, expansion and planning.

Biomedical Calibration & Testing Services

Calibration and testing services for Biomedical equipment

  • Electrical safety testing as per NABH norms
  • Functional and performance testing as per manufacturer’s specifications and NABH requirements.

On-call Biomedical Equipment Repair and Maintenance Services

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