Comprehensive Biomedical Maintenance

Comprehensive maintenance management solutions for Healthcare Service providers – Secondary, Tertiary care and speciality Hospitals

  • Biomedical asset Mapping and categorization
  • Proactive management of Biomedical equipment assets for optimum asset utilization.
  • Proactive maintenance management including Planned Preventive as well as break down maintenance
  • Asset usage and functionality optimization for availability of functional assets at the “point of care”
  • Optimal Vendor management for assets under warranty maintained by vendors/manufacturers.
  • Tracking and documentation of Asset maintenance and performance in line compliance with NABH certification requirements.
  • Inventory control and processes for management of spares, accessories, add-on modules and equipment related consumables to ensure full functionality at the “Point of Care”
  • Vendor management and facilitation for delivery of warranty related services
  • Down time tracking to ensure maximum ROI on medical equipment assets
  • Optimization of spend on maintenance of medical equipment in the facility.

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